5 Banks Offering Investment Gold: Bugs and Coins


If you are interested in which banks sell gold, on this page you will find several banks offering investment gold in our country. A purchase of investment gold by a bank has many advantages and benefits. More exposition at http://fnwire.com/2018/11/09/how-do-payday-loan-consolidation-work/

With gold making investments, some investors put money into investment gold coins or gold bars to ensure security and protection against economic collapse and inflation.

Investment gold is what is traded on international exchanges, it is 24 carats, almost 100% purely guaranteed by strict control and international rules, accompanied by a certificate. Investment gold is exempt from VAT, from other taxes, excise duties, taxes.

1. First Investment Bank

  • Offers buy-in of investment gold – bars and coins.
  • All the quality criteria of the London Metal Exchange and international ethical trade standards are met.
  • Each day the site is announced at a specified hour “bid price” for 1 troy ounce and for 1 gram of gold sample 999.9 / 1 000.
  • The price is subject to change depending on international market quotations and the state of the offered bullion and coin.
  • The Bank concludes investment gold deals only with legal entities over 18 years of age.
  • Fibank buys investment gold only at its office in Sofia, at 12 Narodno Sabranie Square.


2. Municipal Bank

  • A permanent player on the investment coin market – one of the most famous banks offering investment gold in Bulgaria.
  • It offers investors – citizens and companies, some of the most popular gold investment coins, bullion and other types of investment gold, whose authenticity is guaranteed with a certificate.
  • You can buy real-time investment gold in unlimited quantities by getting it physically at the moment of purchase.
  • The rich choice is guaranteed within the quotas for Bulgaria by the agreements of the government of our country from Global Coins and Metals OOD with leading world mints and issuance banks.
  • Investment gold is purchased at the Bank’s headquarters and financial centers.
  • Price list is made depending on the stock prices of precious metals, according to the articles.
  • The Bank offers a procedure for the delivery of investment gold on an individual request with an advance payment, the client completing the application according to a sample of the bank.

4. Piraeus Bank

  • It offers investment gold to investors so as not to be exposed to inflationary pressures.
  • The weight and cleanliness of products is controlled with precision and is standardized by all approved gold refineries and mints.
  • The bank offers four types of coins and precious metal products.
  • The investment gold is in the form of gold investment coins and bullion from the Swiss precious metals refineries PAMP Swisse and Argor Heraeus SA

5. Raiffeisenbank

  • In addition to offering easy and fast loans from banks , Raiffeisen is also known for its investment gold.
  • The Bank has made it clear that investment gold is in the form of bullion bars and tiles accepted by the gold markets and with purity equal to or greater than 995 thousand gold coins defined by order of the Governor of the BNB and the Minister of Finance and responsible for conditions – purity equal to or greater than 900 thousand, coin calculations after 1800, coins have been legal tender in their country of origin and sold at a price not exceeding the price of gold at market prices containing more than 80 per cent.
  • One of the best and most popular banks offering investment gold. Sells gold bars and articles from different issues. Each investment bar must have all the requisites – weight, sample, serial number and manufacturer – refinery or mint.
  • The bank offers a detailed catalog of precious metals articles.
  • On the bank’s website you can find the actual prices of the investment gold, for example: golden bars in grams – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1 000. Their price is quoted on a daily basis you need to contact the “Precious Metals” feature.
  • The price of the investment gold is in euro, the bar is with a sample of 999.9 / 1 000, the price is written – at buy and sell rate.
  • Gold investment coins are described in detail by type, name and price.
  • You can learn the bank’s precious metal stores so you do not waste time and visit the most convenient for you.

Several are the popular banks offering investment gold in Bulgaria. Gold is a brilliant and precious noble metal that has different uses – it has been used as a currency for exchange since antiquity, such as coins or in some other form. Because of its chemical and physical properties it is used in industry, medicine, dentistry, jewelery, electronics and other fields. Over time, gold retains its value, so gold is made up of capital investments.

Investment gold is in the form of pure gold bullion or gold coins. Investment gold is a stock and reserve with a long-term perspective, it can be exchanged around the world. Exempt from VAT, from other taxes, excise duties and taxes.


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